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The Westchester Bank's Relationship With YWCA Yonkers Is More Than Business

Published 11/05/2015

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. ­­ As the Executive Director of YWCA Yonkers, Michelle Gonzalez has found The Westchester Bank to be more than a business partner.

“They’re very interested in giving back to the community,’’ said Gonzalez, who assumed her position as the organization’s leader last year. “They’re a local business but also a local partner. That’s one of the best things about working together. They’re not only interested in our business, but also in what we represent as an organization.”

Gonzalez cited just two annual “Y” events where the Bank is traditionally involved. Spirit of Woman , an annual event honoring Westchester County women, and a Celebrity Chef competition, are both often supported by TWB. “An organization like ours relies very much on the charitable giving of local businesses,’’ Gonzalez said. “Financial gifts help put food in our food pantry, keep our lights on and our building open. The Westchester Bank leads by example. As community leaders, they serve as a role model of charitable giving for other businesses to follow.”

YWCA was established in 1858 as a voice for women’s issues. Its role has continued to evolve to meet today’s challenges in eliminating racism and empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

YWCA Yonkers operates independently of the national organization. While its mission and goals are the same, each YWCA has to develop its own local support and funding system. Many non­profits have struggled to find such resources in the past few years but The Westchester Bank’s support has helped YWCA Yonkers continue to service its community and its mission.

“It feels great to know the Bank has our back,’’ Gonzalez added. “It’s extremely difficult for an organization to make ends meet. Our primary goal is to serve as many people as we possibly can. In Yonkers, we’re located in some of the deepest pockets of poverty and vulnerability. Our need is tremendous and The Westchester Bank has always been there to help us meet those needs.”