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The Westchester Bank Delivers Ray Of Sunshine For Children's Rehab Center

Published 09/14/2015

OSSINING, N.Y. ­ Linda Mosiello has seen both sides of the coin as the Executive Director of Sunshine Children’s Home & Rehab Center in Ossining. She lived through the lean times six years ago when the Center was on the brink of closing, and now savors a growing facility.

The Westchester Bank helped save the business from collapse in 2009, and has stood behind Mosiello and the now­thriving home. The difference, Mosiello said, is night and day. “It’s a completely different dynamic now,’’ she said. “It’s been very refreshing. They make it very easy to work side by side with them. I firmly believe we’re not just a client to them. They believe in the work that we’re doing.”

Sunshine is a 54­bed licensed nursing facility that specializes in the care and treatment of medically complex children who require post acute, rehabilitative care. Mosiello remembered back to six years ago when she and other workers feared the facility would close and the children would be forced to leave.

“There were only a few places where these children could go,’’ Mosiello said. At the 11th hour, a private owner stepped up to save the business with the support of The Westchester Bank.

The relationship has not stopped there. Over the past six years, the Bank has helped Sunshine improve its facilities and services. Sunshine now has a 5­star rating from the United States’ Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“It was a bit of a whirlwind,’’ Mosiello said. “The campus and property were quite run down. Then all of a sudden, there was a new life. There was a commitment to make an absolutely wonderful place for these children. The relationship with The Westchester Bank helped make that happen, and these children deserve it. We’ve been forever grateful for that.”

Mosiello said the Bank has done more than provide capital for owners to improve the facility. It also administers a disability benefit account for costs that are not associated with their stay at Sunshine. “They are small incidental costs,’’ Mosiello said. “Like if a girl wants a new dress for a birthday or something like that. It’s a complicated process to get that money. They’ve made it very easy. They worked with us in a way that is comforting to our team here.”

Mosiello realizes that Sunshine is not the biggest client in The Westchester Bank stable. She feels, however, like she is the most important.

“In working with the team there, I can reach out to them at any time of day for guidance,’’ Mosiello said. “Not once have I felt like I was a small player to them.”

Mosiello is justifiably proud of her work in helping children cope with hard circumstances. She knows she would not be able to do her work without the support of her owners, staff and The Westchester Bank.

“I hope that we make them proud, because the Bank’s been instrumental in our success,’’ Mosiello said. “I hope they see how we have changed a business that was losing money and made it into a 5­star facility with a waiting list and having people want to come here.