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With The Westchester Bank Behind Them, Collins Brothers Is On The Move

Published 09/08/2015

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – When Frank Webers switched Collins Brothers Moving Corporation's business to The Westchester Bank seven years ago, he knew immediately it was the right decision.

“I could see that it was going to be a positive move for us right from the beginning,’’ said Webers, who acquired the 105­year­old company in 1972 and serves as its President and CEO. “I knew The Westchester Bank would be a good partner for us. There weren’t any major challenges, but if there were things we needed to work out, we did it together. We worked with each other. They recognize if my business is successful, they’re going to be more successful too.”

With the Bank’s support, the Larchmont business has continued to grow. Webers said the company even grew during the recession in 2009­10, and in 2012 was named the Moving & Storage Agent of the Year in the United States.

Webers worked with a major U.S. bank before aligning with The Westchester Bank in 2008, when John Tolomer took over as President and Chief Executive Officer. “The relationship with our other bank wasn’t close to what we have now,’’ Webers said. “John and his team understand our needs and goals. The other bank didn’t care enough to understand our business. I’ve gained more value in the last six years with The Westchester Bank than I did in 30 years with other banks.”

Webers’ business requires frequent capital investments for trucks, forklifts, warehouses and is currently building a maintenance shop. He said he needs quick turnarounds to get the financing his company requires. “We are in growth mode and we need a strong bank behind us,’’ he said. “The Westchester Bank understands the seasonality of our business, what we do and our customer base. There’s not too much they don’t know about us.”

Webers said The Westchester Bank does more than understand business needs. “They’re very consistent in the way they deal with you,’’ he said. “They support you in any way they can. They just don’t lend money or process checks but stand behind you as a local business person and take great joy in watching you succeed. They become an extension of your company.”

The Bank’s support transcends business dealings. Webers started a Swim Across America event in 1992 in Larchmont after his wife, Kathy, died after a year­long fight with the disease. The first­year event included 35 swimmers and raised $12,000. This year’s event in July featured more than 800 swimmers and raised $1.1 million for cancer treatment and research programs. The Bank has supported the event since aligning with Collins Brothers as its business partner.

“From Day 1, they’ve been supportive, extremely generous and they don’t ask for anything in return,’’ Webers said. “If there’s one thing I can say about this bank, it’s that they care about their customers. They want to see success here and take it is as a corporate responsibility to support the county and the people that live here.”