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Getting To Know: Jason Cope, The Westchester Bank

Published 07/10/2015

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. ­­ The last person Jason Cope expected to wind up in the banking industry was, well, Jason Cope. He has worked for the past two years as a cash management assistant for The Westchester Bank, and has been part of the bank’s staff for seven years.

“It just kind of happened,’’ said Cope, who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, which is part of the City University of New York. “But it’s the best thing that ever happened.”

Cope’s mother worked at a bank, and she asked if he would be interested in pursuing an entry level job. He started out as a teller, and it changed his outlook about handling money.

“I used to have a spend­first mindset when it came to money, and would spend it as fast as I made it.”

As Jason started to work in banking, he saw firsthand how clients watched their money grow. He learned both job and fiscal responsibility along the way. “I’ve had a real job since I was 17,’’ Cope said. “My friends would be working in movie theaters or candy shops and would say ‘Hey, I have off today. Do you want to go to the beach?’ I wouldn’t go because there was a job to do and that’s what I needed to focus my priorities on.”

Cope participates in the wide range of charitable events with which The Westchester Bank is involved. He also plays for a men’s softball team several nights a week during the summer.

He found the bank a very welcoming place to work from his first day on the job. “I never felt out of place,’’ he said. “The Bank makes you feel like family. We all work together.”

Cope figures he’ll remain in banking for the long haul. He certainly has successful role models to follow in the Bank’s top executives. He feels fortunate to have fallen almost by happenstance into the banking field, and advises teens to take their job responsibilities seriously.


Built on Integrity and Exceptional Customer Service

"As a leading commercial real estate owner, integrity and customer service remain our most valued assets. The Westchester Bank shares those same values. They really care about us and are trusted partners in our success."

Robert Weisz Chairman & CEO RPW Group

John Tolomer, President & CEO, The Westchester Bank

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