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Getting To Know: Frank Pastirchak, The Westchester Bank

Published 07/06/2015

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. ­­ Frank Pastirchak feels almost 30 years younger working as a commercial lender for The Westchester Bank. The current banking landscape reminds him of a previous job in the communications industry when smaller, more nimble businesses challenged, and eventually won sizable market share from AT&T. “The reason I like working at The Westchester Bank is it reminds me a lot of when I worked in telecommunications,’’ said Pastirchak, a resident of Yonkers. “You had a big regulated industry and the smaller companies were allowed to compete. Now it’s the same thing in banking. We’re competing with the bigger banks, and winning market share.”

Pastirchak finds working at smaller businesses more enjoyable than the large conglomerates, and also believes customers are better served. “You can be more nimble,’’ Pastirchak said. “Loan decisions at The Westchester Bank are made right here, in Westchester and White Plains. They’re not made in North Carolina or San Francisco. You get a decision to the customer much more quickly with us.”

When not working, Pastirchak enjoys jogging and biking. A former high school football player, Frank runs at the Roosevelt High School track in Yonkers to stay in shape and enjoys getting outdoors and taking in the sites.

“We’ll ride up from Yonkers to the Kensico River Dam,’’ Pastirchak said. “It takes two hours up and two hours back and we meet some interesting people along the way. Other times we’ll see snapping turtles and carp along the river and enjoy going at a nice leisurely pace.” Pastirchak also enjoys spending time with his family ­ he has two college age children ­ and fishing.

Pastirchak worked for a few banks prior to joining The Westchester Bank. He also served as a Chief Financial Officer for companies in shipboard cable distribution and telecommunications where he was responsible for bringing the company through an

He finds it amazing to have taken a career path that has come full circle, back to helping a David­sized business take on the banking Goliaths. “It’s a couple of decades later, and it’s the same dynamic,’’ he said.