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Getting To Know: Lisa Conner, The Westchester Bank

Published 06/15/2015

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. ­­ Starting at a young age, Lisa Conner’s parents impressed upon her the importance of community service. Now a commercial lender for The Westchester Bank, Conner does the same with her children. Conner, a resident of the Crestwood section of Yonkers, has volunteered for a wide range of organizations, especially those that serve children and veterans.

“My parents believed in community service,’’ Conner said. “I started out volunteering at nursing homes. As I became an adult, I started working with children’s organizations.”

Conner passes on her community service values to her two children, a 16­year­old girl and a 12­year­old boy. “I feel very blessed as a person in terms of what I have,’’ Conner said. “Sometimes we forget we live in an affluent community and there are pockets of people who have very little. If everybody does a little, you can have a huge impact. I want to teach my children how important community service is and how important it is to be a role model.”

Conner has volunteered for the Westchester County Association and The Tower of Hope, a 9/11 foundation established to provide service dogs to injured veterans. She also volunteers for Midnight Run, which stocks food pantries for homeless shelters in New York City.

Her children have volunteered at events through their scouting troops and her daughter leads the youth group at their church.

“When we do a lot of these things, we do it as a family,’’ Conner said. “We all chip in. Kids learn the value of helping each other out.”

As her children mature, Conner said she can see her commitment to volunteerism is having an impact. “It used to be when they were little and they would volunteer with me,’’ she said. “Now they volunteer on their own. They get involved in things they feel passionate about.”

Conner’s volunteer spirit meshes well with her team at the Bank. Many of its employees volunteer for community organizations. Even in her role as a commercial lender, Conner enjoys feeling as if she helped a business. “I really enjoy helping people,’’ she said. “When you help someone with their financing and you see their business grow, you feel good about that.”


Unmatched Personal Service Is Set In Stone
From Left to Right: John Tolomer, Anna Berardi, Marco Berardi

“The Westchester Bank really cares and sees our success as their success. That’s what makes a great partnership.”

John Tolomer, President & CEO, The Westchester Bank 
Anna Berardi, President, Berardi Stone Setting, Inc.
Marco Berardi, Vice-President, Berardi Stone Setting, Inc.

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