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Getting To Know: Rich Sadlon, The Westchester Bank

Published 05/26/2015

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. ­­ Whether it’s homebuilding or banking, Rich Sadlon likes to start from the ground up.

Sadlon is the Vice President of Information Technology for The Westchester Bank, based in White Plains. He has a wide range of interests outside of work, including home remodeling and repair. He has built several houses from beginning to end, including one for his daughter in New Jersey.

“I’ve done everything,’’ Sadlon said. “Cement work, roofing, siding, electrical, plumbing. I’ve put a couple of additions on my own house and re­done basements and bathrooms to help other people out. My daughter’s house was literally falling down and we had to start over.” Sadlon’s projects often take months to complete because most of the work is done on weekends.

He has also scaled back since joining The Westchester Bank last year. “I don’t have as much time and remodeling projects were closer to home,’’ Sadlon said. “I would get some people to help out like relatives who are carpenters and electricians. But now that my kids are older and I have a grandchild, my priorities have changed a bit.”

Sadlon’s home repair moonlighting mirrors his banking career. He has worked at large and small banks throughout his career, but prefers getting in on the ground floor and helping build the brand. “I’ve always wanted to work in a small bank and grow with it,’’ Sadlon said. “I worked at Manufacturers Hanover Trust and remember the first officers meeting I went to at Radio City Music Hall. I was a speck of sand there. I went back to a smaller bank but after a couple of mergers, it became one of the biggest banks in the United States. I wanted to get back into a local bank situation.”

A friend recommended Sadlon consider The Westchester Bank, and felt at home during his first conversation with Bank President and CEO John Tolomer. “I wasn’t sure about it until I talked to John,’’ Sadlon said. “I spent 15 minutes with him and I knew this was the place where I wanted to be.”

Sadlon keeps a steady diet of physical activities outside of work. He shoots pictures for youth soccer and baseball games, plays golf in fund­ raising tournaments and runs as part of the Bank’s team in Corporate 5ks. Perhaps his favorite pastime is softball, where he helped start an over­40 league 15 years ago and still plays most Sundays during the spring and summer.

“I enjoy interacting with people,’’ Sadlon said. “That’s why the softball team is so enjoyable. We get 20 guys together and just have fun. No one wants to get hurt!”