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Getting To Know: Marisol Morel, The Westchester Bank

Published 05/18/2015

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. ­­ Marisol Morel has worked in banking for more than two decades. It wasn’t until she joined The Westchester Bank two years ago that she realized what she had been missing.

Marisol, Vice President & Director of Deposit Operations, recently volunteered to join in the Bank’s support of the March of Dimes Corporate 5k race last month. She said the Bank’s embracement of community activities and the entire culture is far different, and better, than previous banks she’s worked at. She said, “There is a family atmosphere here, and from day one I felt like I belonged. We all get along and really enjoy each other’s company. That is pretty rare.”

“It’s great how involved TWB is in the community,’’ Morel said. “It’s more than just donating money. It’s dedicating time to so many wonderful causes. That’s something I was not accustomed to at other banks and it positively changes office morale. Sure, we work hard and make it happen on the business side. But at the same time there’s a human touch. We’re helping families and businesses prosper. Hearing stories from the many community organizations we help makes it even more special and puts a little more love into each transaction.”

Morel enjoys joining other employees at events, especially those centered around supporting children. “Being a mother and a friend to a lot of other mothers, I see firsthand how some of them have struggle,’’ Morel said. “I think it’s important to raise money and donate your personal time to organizations like the March of Dimes. It means a lot to help impact the lives of children in such a direct and meaningful way.”

Now that she has worked for the Bank for a few years, she wishes she joined them sooner. “We keep joking at the office, ‘Why didn’t I start here from the beginning?’’ Morel said. “While we would have loved being part of the Bank’s start up in 2008,

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