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Getting To Know: Patricia Cappelletti, The Westchester Bank

Published 04/13/2015

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. ­­ From professional and personal standpoints, Pat Cappelletti’s employment with The Westchester Bank is a perfect union. Cappelletti, of Mount Vernon, is Vice President, Retail Marketing Manager for The Westchester Bank.. She brings over three decades of experience into her position and has worked her way up the banking ladder.

Just as importantly, however, Cappelletti embraces the culture of volunteerism at The Westchester Bank. She has volunteered for organizations and events throughout her career and enjoys working for a business that encourages community service.

“It’s a win­win situation for me,’’ Cappelletti said. “One thing that has always been consistent with me is I’ve loved to volunteer. It’s a big part of my life. Whether it was with the church, friends, anything, if they asked for volunteers, I was the first one to raise my hand. What’s great about working here is that our President, John Tolomer, believes in community service and encourages our active involvement and participation.”

Cappelletti has volunteered for the Chamber of Commerce, Meals on Wheels, Junior Achievement, Westchester Food Bank and Midnight Run, which distributes food, clothing, blankets and more to New York City homeless.

Her most recent activities have centered on Community Living Corp. and the Pajama Project, in which volunteers collect pajamas for children and read to them at selected banks.

Cappelletti recently attended the annual gala for the Community Living

Corp. Mount Kisco­based CLC provides residential, vocational and habilitative services to developmentally disabled people in northern Westchester. She said the recent gala brought out the best in the abilities of the residents.

“They have outrageous skills that you wouldn’t even think of,’’ said Cappelletti, who assists the organization with some of its banking needs. “It’s so enlightening, so inspirational. Fifty years ago, these unique and wonderful individuals would never have had the opportunity to be who they are.”

Cappelletti also related a story from The Pajama Project, where she praised a second­grade boy for his developing skills. “When he read to me, he was spot­on, and I told him that someday you could be president of the United States,’’ Cappelletti said. “At the end of the night, he came to me and said, ‘Pat, can you write a note to my mom and say you think I could be president in my book?’ I wrote a note, and I will always remember that. I feel like I inspired somebody.”

Cappelletti said bank management's encouragement of volunteerism has helped create a contagious atmosphere among employees. “I’ll send something out asking for volunteers, and I just keep getting messages from people I work with that want to help on their own time,’’ Cappelletti said. “That’s the culture here. We recruit people to fit into our culture.It’s servicing the customer, but it’s being part of the community, too.”

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