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The TWB Story

The Westchester Bank opened its doors for business almost 10 years ago. It was June 18th, 2008, a time when the nation was facing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. With consumer confidence eroding and even the largest banking institutions faltering, it did not appear to be the most propitious time to start a new business. Yet the Bank Founders viewed these conditions as an opportunity. 

The Westchester Bank had correctly identified a void in the marketplace and opened a local community bank with a simple, yet fundamental formula for success. It offered the same bank products and solutions as the bigger banks but delivered them in a highly personalized and friendly manner. The Westchester Bank understood the significance of strong local roots, from its core of local investors and bank professionals to comprehending and facilitating the needs of other local businesses in the community.

The Bank’s core operating principal of “Banking Made Personal”, and the execution of that principle day-in and day-out, has remained a constant since Day 1. Results to date speak for themselves as The Westchester Bank has:

  • Created significant job growth in Westchester County. Starting with just 8 employees in 2008, the Bank proudly employs over 66 people today. Additionally, Bank loans to a wide array of small and mid-sized business sectors have catapulted both business expansion and new job opportunities
  • Expanded from 1 single location to 6 full-service branches throughout Westchester County… and established a new headquarters based in White Plains.
  • Accelerated from $39 million in assets to $750 million in total assets in just 9 years.
  • Received the industry’s highest performance rating, a “Bauer Five-Star Rating”, reflecting financial strength, stability and overall performance excellence. The Bank has now earned this national acclaim for an unprecedented 5th consecutive year.
  • Earned a “Top 100 Best Performing Community Bank in America” by SNL Financial. Rankings were determined after an extensive analysis of over 6,300 banks nationwide.
  • Achieved “2017 Best Companies to Work For in New York State” honors as selected by the NYS Society for Human Resource Management.

 Future Bank plans call for rapid expansion, more employment, continued community outreach and unprecedented growth designed to have an overall positive economic impact throughout Westchester County, and beyond. The Bank is committed to more branch openings, more hiring and more loan activity for small to mid-sized businesses as customers, current and future, experience community banking at its very best.


Organized Banking for California Closets
From Left to Right: Bob Westenberg, John Tolomer

“I want a bank that really understands my business and responds quickly to my needs. That’s why my bank is The Westchester Bank. They offer everything the big banks have but with a personal touch.”

Bob Westenberg, Owner, California Closets
John Tolomer, President & CEO, The Westchester Bank

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